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The Lobotomy Files: When America Lobotomized its Vets

Author Gerald Posner on TODAY re JFK Assassination (August 9, 2001)

The Assassination of JFK Case Closed (+playlist)

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First misstep by a Pope who has promised transparency and seems to otherwise have been pitch perfect?

Last JFK event tomorrow at the Palm Beach Bar Association - the de Mohrenschildt coroner's inquest

Book reviews. They certainly don’t make them like they used to.

JFK Truthers: Time for a dose of reality from Noam Chomsky

Pope calls for radical power redistribution from Rome

50 Years Ago Today: JACK RUBY: Lead up to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald (A synopsis from Case Closed)

Another short interview about JFK conspiracies

50 Years Ago Today: JACK RUBY: Lead up to the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald (A synopsis from Case Closed)

Chilling audio clip of Erich Leinsdorf telling a Boston Symphony audience about JFK assassination

Gerald Posner on Good Day NY this morning

A note to friends and acquaintances about November 22, 1963

Atlantic contributing editor Marc Ambinder on how Case Closed changed his view of the JFK assassination

Case Closed picked as 1 if 5 'essential' JFK books

I am part of the Allen Public Library 50th Anniversary panel tonight

Best mention of Case Closed

Back to the supermarket tabloids for the JFK assassination...

Blast from the past: Random House full page ad for Case Closed 1993


Shoutout for Case Closed by author/historian Blaine Lee Pardoe

The controversial but effective Random House pre-publication ad in the NY Times for Case Closed in 1993

CASE CLOSED in US News & World Report, special double issue 1993

The Independent on Case Closed

CASE CLOSED at top of review of JFK assassination books

Cold Case JFK - The latest on the ballistics in the JFK assassination

Marina Oswald, a new overview 50 years after the assassination

Some links about my Mob Museum JFK assassination debate

Mob Museum JFK Debate @ Nov 7, 2013 in Las Vegas

My interview on KNPR's State of Nevada -- Kennedy Assassination

Gerald Posner on the Single Bullet, Oswald and the fatal JFK head shot -...

Gerald Posner on TODAY (1998) - Martin Luther King Jr. assassination

Did the Chicago Mob send Jack Ruby to Dallas?

"Sherman's March" - a 2000 profile of attorney Mickey Sherman in TALK Magazine (by Gerald Posner)

Jack Ruby - evidence of a mafia conspiracy?

JFK Assassination Auction: Mary Moorman Selling Iconic Photograph Of The Moment JFK Was First Shot [PHOTOS]

"JFK 50th draws media tidal wave"

The facts never get in the way of a tabloid headline

Nazi War Criminal Erich Priebke dead

Four Days In November showing next month...

Who forgot to buy the power strips??

New Oswald study: No Surprise

Big Brother Google

Nice Case Closed Shout Out

Digital CASE CLOSED published today

Countdown to the JFK Assassination - 50 years ago today: Oswald in Mexico City

More über brother and Google

After 20 years, CASE CLOSED is finally available as an eBook - with a new forward...

why my next office is going to be an underground, windowless, concrete bomb shelter...

How is your bad taste barometer? French gambling firm turns spoof on JFK assassination into an ad

New Gangsters tonight at 10pm EST - Legendary South Florida drug traffickers, Augusto Falcon and Salvador Magluta

Sobering take on the long odds facing new authors.

Just saw this at the checkout counter at my local supermarket. Everyone is jumping in for the 50th anniversary....

Journalist v Journalist over Leaks

Good Monday morning quarterbacking on what the US has done wrong in the Mideast

Police "all points bulletins" for wanted suspects in NYC no longer can contain race, gender or age in the description? PC madness

Lawyer: Constitution Requires Taxpayers Pay for Wikileaker's Sex Change

The Parkland movie trailer...

Ever watch Person of Interest? It's coming here....

Gangster Alerr: A new episode tonight at 10 pm EST on the BIO Channel

Was Princess Di Murdered? Full copy of my 1999 TALK magazine investigation into her death....

Countdown to the JFK Assassination

Crowdfunding helping to save independent bookstores...

Mystery of the grave next to Oswald's: Solved

Bezos and NY Times???

Living in America will drive you insane — literally

5 theories why Florida is so dysfunctional

Do you know your new car has a black box? Bye privacy....

Full episode of my Gangsters doc about "The Colombian Rambo: Carlos Lehder"

My latest gangster show tonight on BIO - this one on 'Dudus' Coke

NEW Gangster's episode tonight, about cocaine kingpin 'Crazy' Carlos Lehder

How Kennedy beat Scalia - "like watching a couple of crazy uncles bicker"

The FBI doesn’t shoot by mistake, says the FBI

Obama - Putin - body language says it all

Top 5 investigative videos of the week: World’s worst charities exposed

A trailer for my latest on the BIO Gangster series - The Pot Princess of Beverly Hills

No search warrant needed to take someone's DNA after an arrest...

New show in Bio Channels "Gangster" series tonight at 10 PM EST

Case Closed and the 'business' of JFK books over the decades

Bloomberg News caught spying on bankers through terminals

"Is Gustav Wagner’s Nazi stigma fair?"

The truly worrying thing about the Mark Sanford win

Would we give up burgers to stop climate change?

Feds threaten medical pot dispensaries with 40-year sentences

Ron Paul casts lot with extremists, conspiracy theorists

Jeopardy - The JFK Assassination Answer

Do atheists need a church? Give me a break

A front page NYT investigation that will make your blood boil

James Patterson speaks out about his aggressive “book industry bailout” ads

Tsarnaev: My brother wanted to defend Islam -

FBI declassified files: South Florida based Saudi family had ties to terrorists linked to 9/11attacks

Thatcher’s funeral as divisive as her reign

Turkish pianist sentenced to jail for criticizing Islam on Twitter

Kid Rock: I’m “embarrassed to be a Republican”

Obama administration lied about drone targets

Colorado considers huge legal weed tax

Prescription pill epidemic has spiraled out of control

Criminalizing “revenge porn” - the law tries to keep up with tech

Why has the President given Hollywood a pass on violence in the gun control debate?

Obama is channeling Bush fever in Iran

China declares war on Apple

Amanda Knox case reopens - chance of extradition - Zero

How rich “moochers” hurt America

Amazon to build CIA cloud

Crazy...........Virginia AG compares slavery abolition to anti-abortion movement

New pope tied up in Argentina's 'dirty war' debate

Did a bomber get away in the Oklahoma City terror attack? My Kindle article -

Nice shout out in this review of "The Third Bullet"

Publishing is changing faster than the speed of light

Lawsuit Says Sherlock Holmes Belongs to the Ages

My facebook page...

The Amazing deconstruction of a Saudi Prince billionaire by Forbes....

Austrians to open Nazi files about the Vienna Philharmonic?

New Delhi Bungalows, Even in Disrepair, Command Millions –

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP: Pat Robertson: There could be demons attached to your thrift store finds

Whitey Bulger: Secrets behind the capture of the FBI’s most wanted man

Do directors have an obligation to make totally accurate movies based on real events or do they get a pass for fudging some facts to create a better story?

From 3D graphics to biometric scans: How your smartphone will get smarter

Why are men so foolish?

Apple thinks your naked wrist needs an iWatch

CISPA creeps back to the House - CyberSecurity bill ala Big Brother

Now you can lose money without ever leaving your bed

Is there such a thing as an “Oscar curse”?

Ohio mayor resigns over anti-gay controversy

Italian Conspiracy Buffs Gain in Court Ruling on Crash

Pope Benedict stunning news he will resign

Mega mansion frenzy: Buyer snaps up Pat Riley’s $16M home to level it, rebuild - Real Estate News -

Capote Classic 'In Cold Blood' Tainted by Long-Lost Files

Everyone wants to use Apple's billions....

Nicaragua wants to be the next luxury resort destination

Chinese Blogger Thrives as Muckraker

Will the EU finally condemn Hezbollah for terrorism?

Hitler was a non-smoking vegetarian so don't read too much into this study....:-

Obama's Memo on Killing Americans Twists 'Imminent Threat' Like Bush - The Atlantic

Hand of US is seen in stopping rise of star Mexican general

America's greatest sniper survives Iraq but is killed in Texas....

Data Protection Laws - USA falls far behind Europe in protecting digital consumers

Blackberry 10 'beautiful,' may allow RIMM to live another day

My book on Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele

Are bookstores doomed to follow records stores into extinction?

Miami Police Department, torn by scandal, steps up scrutiny of its own - Miami-Dade -

Apple Picking - even a thief gets his stolen phone stolen again :-)

Prince Harry says he killed Afghans

MLK Day - Check my 1998 book on his assassination, KILLING THE DREAM

MACHINE GUN JOHNNY - THE JOHN GOTTI OF CHINATOWN. Excerpts of my commentary from another BIO channel 'Gangster' doc.

Apple not laying down in fight with Samsung

The Appetite Workout

Facebook adds free calling feature for US iPhones

Further signs of madness when it comes to conspiracy theories

Morsi’s Slurs Against Jews Stir Concern

In California, It’s U.S. vs. State Over Marijuana

RFK Jr. and mauling history regarding the JFK assassination

Java 7 easily hacked - protect your computer by disabling it in your browsers...

Armstrong to admit doping to Oprah - new report says yes....

DEA agents arranged prostitute for Secret Service agent

Alex Jones may be the king of conspiracies

Ex-Officer Is First in C.I.A. to Face Prison for a Leak

Al Gore personally pockets $100 million in al-Jazeera sale....

How Qatar is Buying up the World - now al-Jazeera takes Current TV

Energy Drinks might not really work to give you that much extra energy......

Pass the cheese, bacon and butter please