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The heart of my Substack is investigative reporting.
“A merciless pit bull of an investigator” concluded the Chicago Tribune.

While many readers are familiar with my journalism, others discover me on Substack.

I’ve written 13 bestselling books, investigative nonfiction covering an eclectic range of subjects including Nazi war criminals (Mengele and Hitler’s Children), the international heroin trade (Warlords of Crime), political assassinations of JFK (Case Closed) and Martin Luther King, Jr. (Killing the Dream), a business history of Motown Records (Motown), the intelligence failures that led to 9/11 (Why America Slept), a history of Saudi Arabia and its relations with the U.S. (Secrets of the Kingdom), a history of Miami Beach (Miami Babylon), the finances of the Vatican (God’s Bankers), and most recently, the American drug industry (PHARMA: Greed, Lies and the Poisoning of America). Case Closed, my reexamination of the JFK assassination, was a finalist for the Pulitzer in History. Pharma will be a 6-hour documentary on Showtime in 2023. Read more about my books here.

I have also written dozens of breaking news articles as well as OpEds for national magazines and newspapers. Among many scoops, I broke the story that got Pete Rose banned from baseball because he gambled on the sport while a coach; warned about the dangers of fentanyl 33-years ago; uncovered the mistakes that raised questions about whether there was foul play in Princess Di’s death; uncovered troubling questions about the possible role of Saudi Royals in 9/11; and exposed that Afghanistan’s leaders took hundreds of millions in suitcases of cash as they fled the Taliban; for more about my articles, here is a sampling.

On Substack, I sometimes do a deep dive on subjects that are not being covered widely in the mainstream press. I also post shorter stories on a broad range of subjects, from whether treasure hunters were on the verge of uncovering millions in looted Nazi treasure, the government’s failure to win the war on cancer, a different view of the Russian arms trader swapped to free Brittney Griner, how Iranian fundamentalists never gave up on their crusade to kill author Salman Rushdie, even an examination of the controversial Scottish law that allows convicted male sex offenders who identify as female to serve their prison sentence in a women’s prison.

I do not have a set schedule for new Substack stories. I’m usually researching five or six stories and some take more time than expected, others do not pan out. It is the nature of investigative reporting. There might be times when I published two Substacks in a week and other times there will be a few weeks or more between posts. It just means I am deep into the reporting, not that I am taking a break.

It is hard to pigeon hole me into a single topic. I’m a traditional investigative reporter, searching for stories wherever there is news. I always do my best to deliver my findings without tipping the scale with my own biases. My legal background (I’m a non-practicing attorney) helps me deliver ‘just the facts.’

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Looking forward to your comments and feedback along the way.

Gerald Posner

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Award-winning journalist and author. Pulitzer finalist. A “merciless pit bull of an investigator” (Chi Trib) 13 books incl NYT bestsellers Case Closed, Why America Slept, God’s Bankers + PHARMA "A pharmaceutical version of cops and robbers" NYT
Journalist and author of the bestselling “The Pharmacist of Auschwitz,” translated into 16 languages. Founder and Executive Director of Antisemitism Watch. Adult Human Female.