They were, as I write in the post, card carrying members of the Communist Party of America, Kensington Branch in Brooklyn.

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What, the kind of communists that propose "ownership of the means of production by the workers"?

You won't convince me the Sacklers are of that flavor!

So what kind of communists are you talking about?

You know, historically whenever a government allows a great many of their citizens to live in poverty, destitute and with little hope of escape, those citizens will seek out whatever relieves their day to day suffering and perceptions of meaninglessness. Even when the "whatever" is self-destructive such as alcohol, opiates, ...

The Sacklers did over-promote their product, this is the nature of capitalism. But the people who I would have punished are the neoliberal geniuses who made of blue-collar middle America a hollowed-out shell of its former industrial strength and prosperity.

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That last paragraph is a bombshell. Wow.

Thank you!

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