The one epidemic or health crisis that is not exaggerated. With rampant inflation and most states expanding Medicaid, this crisis alone could break the printing press.

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Mar 20, 2023Liked by Gerald Posner

Hey there,

I like keeping up with who’s doing what about the climate crises, so I thought, “What can I do, personally?”

So I decided to write a song, a “call to action” to address the crisis.

I’m old, but after reading something in Bill McKibben’s “The Crucial Years” newsletter on SubStack, about how our kids are pissed off by promises and inaction, I took a couple of my old friends into the studio and recorded “We Were Thieves.” I entered it into NPR’s “Tiny Desk Contest,” and included subtitles.

It’s rock and roll from a 3-piece who’s ages total 212 years, but we wanted to do our bit. I’m hoping you will share the following link with your subscribers:


Thanks, and keep up the fight!

Charles Williams

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Mar 19, 2023Liked by Gerald Posner

Great post as usual. I find it interesting that there's so much less obesity in the white population of Denver compared to the white population of New Orleans. Clearly, genetics doesn't explain it.

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