where does this end Gerald? the world has gone mad, what can we do to help

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Almost all newborn babies have a gender. If they have a penis they are male, if they have a vagina they are female. These are physical facts and should never be able to be changed. This is what is recorded on a birth certificate and shows how they started their life, regardless of their mental state at a later date.

If someone wants to 'legally' become a member of the opposite sex, a man should have his penis and testicles removed and a vagina created by plastic surgery. But even if this were to be done, it should not change the wording on his birth certificate. The clue is in the wording 'BIRTH' certificate.

Allowing this, to my mind would be the same as if If someone who sincerely believed they were actually a dog or a cat or some other animal, could alter their birth certificate accordingly.

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This is a dangerous conflation. This article seems to play into the age old trope that transwomen are just sexual deviants attempting to access women's spaces. It is a stereotype that harms numerous transwomen. We should not be conflating gender-identity and sexual perversion.

Women in prison should be safe from sexual assault, but that is not the reality. In fact, this article ignores sexual assault, in which cis-women assault other cis-women. The article below found that female victims are three times more likely to experience abuse from other women inmates than from male staff. It's not just men who are rapists.

Prisons should and do keep those at high risk for sexually assaulting others away from the general population. This should be done regardless of gender identity. Trans-people are just people being themselves and not doing so to access single-sex spaces for sexual deviance.

Sexual violence needs to be addressed and dealt with appropriately but we need to stop demonizing transwomen as frequent perpetrators.


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The one and only criteria that would make me more likely to back such idiotic legislation: identify as female? State cuts off your male hardware and injects you with estrogen for 6 months before issuing your "gender certificate." Addendum: if in jail, same 6 months of estrogen treatments requirement as the international mid range distance running "intersex" participants have to follow before racing, before transfer to women's prison.

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wish to help and stop the madness Janet Pettersen

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Male rapists with psychopathic tendencies will rape to get into female prisons to rape.

I was raised by a psychopath, trust me I know how they think.

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