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A major problem with any Conspiracy Theory re JFK Assassination is it either has to totally omit Oswald’s involvement (ignoring all the credible evidence) or link him with a co-conspirator(s). The coincidence of more than one shooter at Dealey Plaza at 12:30 PM on 11/22/63 with neither being involved with the other is ridiculous at best. 2 recovered bullets hit Kennedy and Connally, computer analysis threads both back to that infamous 6th floor window. Oswald’s Marine rifle training made him more than capable, I was up there back in the 90’s and immediately realized what an easy shot it was (thought back to the BB gun of my youth). All the Monday Morning quarterbacks that have theorized with books or internet posts have yet to posit a theory that negates the evidence, and it’s almost humorous how many of them discredit the war rifle involved like it was nothing more than a cap pistol. And why has there only been one (seriously inept) charge against anyone other than Oswald in nearly 60 years? You’d think with all that “literature” on the matter... Glad that there’s a handful of reasonable tomes on the subject, including “Case Closed”

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